Brakes Safety - Brake Pads & Kits

Brakes is one of the first things that comes to your mind when you think about driving safety. Indeed, it's known that faulty brakes is among the most common reasons of car accidents. So what do you need to know about car brakes safety?

How often should I change brake pads?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about car brakes. And there is no exact answer to it, as well as there is no common schedule of brakes replacement. Basically, it massively depends on how and where you drive. It's obvious, that when you drive in the crowded urban area with heavy traffic and lost of traffic lights you use brakes much often than when you drive on the rural highway. That's why city driving causes brake pads to wear faster and require more frequent brake replacement.


It's a good practice to have brake pads inspected every time you change tires. And while it generally happens every 6 months, there is a good chance that your brake pads will be inspected and replaced before worn brake pads can jeopardize your safety.

Also, be sure to lo learn the most comon faulty brakes symptoms. If you hear any unusual clicking or screeching sound when pushing brake pedal, or of you feel pedal vibration, your brake pads may be failing. Take your car to mechanic as soon as possible.

How to Buy Safe Brakes

Whether you're looking for replacemet brake parts of want to upgrade your vehicle with performance brake kit, make sure that you choose products from well-known, reliable brands, such as Brembo, Power Stop, Wilwood, EBC Brakes. The rule of thumb is also to purchase them only from official dealers, that sell genuine products backed by manufacturer's warrany.

Rotors Brake Kit

Most of the brakes manufacturers offer not just single brake parts, but also complete brake kits, both OE and performance. One of the most cost-effective solutions for daily drivers available in the automotive aftermarket nowadays is Click Autospecialty OE Replacement Brake Kit from Power Stop. In 2016, they greately improved the kit by adding to it matching performance brake calipers. You can find more information about its specifications on the page of Power Stop 1-Click Autospecialty OE Replacement Brake Kit at CARiD, one of le largest Power Stop's dealers.